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Save on trade tax – If you need advice, terrabay is ready to take your call

The current Gräfelfing municipality assessment rate is 250 points – one of the lowest rates in Bavaria.

You can take advantage and save on trade tax by moving your business or limited liability company (a GmbH, for instance) to us in Gräfelfing. In addition, we can provide you with additional services and facilities as you need them.

Here’s a sample calculation

A GmbH in Munich with a yield of € 100,000 is assessed using a rate of 490 points, which comes to around 35% (corporate income, solidarity and trade tax). Here’s how we can help you lower your trade tax

Compare: A GmbH in Gräfelfing with a yield of € 100,000 would be assessed using a rate of 250 points, which is around 27%. Calculate your own trade tax savings here.

The fitting solution to reduce trade tax? Move your GmbH, KG, OHG, AG or your sole proprietorship to terrabay in Gräfelfing.

terrabay will help arrange the complete move, as well as all registrations and re-registrations required by the authorities. Call us today for a consultation so that you can start saving on trade tax in a modern business office environment tomorrow.

Gräfelfing is situated on the outskirts of the megacity of Munich. You benefit from its vicinity and the steadily increasing financial strength of Bavaria’s capital city.

Benefit also from the attractiveness of the popular metropolis and take advantage of, for example, reducing your trade tax and saving on trade tax.

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Reducing trade tax – What are your options?

Lowering the assessment rate and reducing trade tax – terrabay explains

You are probably asking yourself how can terrabay help me reduce my trade tax? We are going to start by explaining “assessment rate” and “trade tax”.

Lowering the assessment rate

In municipal taxes, an assessment rate is the factor used to calculate trade tax liability. In Germany, each municipality determines an assessment rate to be used to calculate trade tax and real property tax.

Consequently, it is an instrument municipalities use to influence the level of community taxes to which they are entitled. This right is contained in the constitutionally secured self-administration guarantee. (Art. 28, paragraph 2, sentence 3, German Constitution) (Source: Wikipedia) We at terrabay can help you reduce your trade tax.

Reduce trade tax

Trade tax is a community tax determined by each municipality. In this respect, it is very important to know which assessment rate the municipality has set for companies, as the amount directly affects your profits. We will show you how you can reduce your trade tax.

The tax on trade is the most important primary source of income for municipalities in Germany. Trade tax is just one type of municipal tax. Its legal basis is the Trade Tax Act, the Trade Tax Ordinance and, as general administrative regulations, the Trade Tax Guidelines.

terrabay will help you save on taxes and reduce your trade tax.


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