HIGH-SPEED Internet provided by fiber optic data transfer with up to 1 GBit/s in 2018 – high-speed with terrabay your officebase


DeutschlandLAN Connect IP can be optimally adapted to customer requirements. Ten different speeds are offered for this purpose, ranging from a bandwidth of 2.2 MBit/s on up to high-speed 1,000 MBit/s. In addition, the customer may choose between the Best Effort Flat and the Volume Tariff. The basic package, which already contains the most important features, can be flexibly upgraded with high-speed Internet options.

The bottom line: DeutschlandLAN Connect IP can be optimally integrated into all business solutions. terrabay your officebase – provides its customers high-speed Internet.


terrabay your officebase – provides its customers high-speed Internet.

DeutschlandLAN Connect IP applies only high-quality network components. For example, the integrated terminal (network termination) constantly monitors the quality of the line and ensures a guaranteed bandwidth in the Internet. In this way, DeutschlandLAN Connect IP meets the most stringent company requirements.


With DeutschlandLAN Connect IP you get access to one of the world’s most powerful Internet backbones.

Thanks to its redundant network topology and proactive network management, this provides an availability of an at least 99.99% annual average around the clock.

Direct peering with all major national and international Internet Service Providers (ISPs) enables data flow at the highest level, and worldwide at that. In order to ensure outstanding performance, capacity in the Telekom network is continuously adapted to an ever-growing volume of traffic. With terrabay your officebase – don’t miss your connection to high-speed Internet


Security and system stability is continually gaining in importance in this age of Industry 4.0 and eCommerce. DeutschlandLAN Connect IP has the right solutions: to increase availability of the connection an optional second connection can be added as a backup in hot standby mode. Should the initial connection become interrupted, the hot standby is automatically switched into operation. DDoS Defense also offers – directly in the Telekom backbone – a reactive defense against denial-of-service attacks.

Terrabay your officebase – your high-speed Internet security is our main concern

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